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    This post compliments this deck of slides Content is kind of this weird topic. It’s pretty clear that you need to have good content, though it is thoroughly difficult to define what “Good Content” is. It bears a lot of resemblance to Jello. There are tons of flavors of Jello; Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, Margarita, etc. and they are all very different experiences. Not everyone likes the same flavor, and that’s ok. One of the definitions...

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    Digitizing Humanity

    I’m bad at saving money. Well, I guess I’m getting better. Let’s go out to eat 5 times this week, instead of 6! That’s progress. Though aren’t we all trying to save our money just a little bit better? There’s another part to this too, I don’t really trust banks. To me there seems to be something off about the notion of a business wanting you not to spend money. It was time to try...

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  • Don't do it Alone

    Back in August 2014, my buddy and I started an online guild. A short four months later it was over, and I’ll never look at startups the same way again. The first group shot of our team. Ready to conquer the world. We started our guild Iron Legacy with the best of intentions, and before I’m chastised I do believe that there are a lot of similarities between starting an online guild and a startup...

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