• Don't do it Alone

    Back in August 2014, my buddy and I started an online guild. A short four months later it was over, and I’ll never look at startups the same way again. The first group shot of our team. Ready to conquer the world. We started our guild Iron Legacy with the best of intentions, and before I’m chastised I do believe that there are a lot of similarities between starting an online guild and a startup...

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    Drowning in a Sea of Tools

    Arguably, becoming a professional developer has never been easier. I’d like to offer an alternative perspective. I’ve been developing for the past five years and honestly I can’t look back and tell you when it all “clicked” for me. That granular moment when it just made sense, when code became language. Now that I’ve been developing for so long it feels like I’ve always known how to do this. I also know that this is...

  • Here We Go

    Hey there, this is my blog. Thanks for checking it out! I’ll be updating it regularly in an attempt to bring relative consistency to my thoughts. If there are any questions or topics you’d like me to address, tweet at or email me and I’ll try my best. Until then, I’ll just keep rambling like I always do.


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